Do you want to grow your brokerage or team while maintaining your values, sanity, and using your unique strengths?

BrokerUp is for broker owner managers and team leaders. 

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BrokerUp is for you if:


  • You are pulled in all different directions each day and can’t get the BIG stuff done.

  • You don’t have time to think through the decisions that need to be made.

  • You and your agents are stressed about “office” or “company” issues. (i.e. stuff that doesn’t sell houses).

  • You would like to be better at attracting and keeping agents – without the cold calls and the sales pitches.

  • You would like to take control of your marketing and web presence once and for all! 

  • You would like to effectively train and support your agents and staff.

  • You desire to build a company with intrinsic meaning, that people want to work for and with.

  • You would like to build a business that is less stressful to operate.

We’ve built this 12 week program just for you!

Your path to profits: The BrokerUp Schedule

Week 1

Set Up for Success

Ever feel like you're pulled through your day?

Week 2


Your Purpose Fuels Everything.

Week 3


Quick: How much money is in your operational account?

Week 4

Business Strategy, Your Way

Are you really any different than your competitors?

Week 5

How’s the Market?

Do you know what your competition is doing?

Week 6

Crafting Your Brokerage or Team Value Proposition

Have you ever been told by an agent...

Week 7

Living Your Ideals: Branding and Marketing

Marketing. Every day it feels like there is a new sparkly thing that you must do or you'll be left in the dust.

Week 8

Web Savvy

Is the web really working for you?

Week 9

Operations Management & HR

When you hire someone, do you dread taking the time to actually train them?

Week 10

Agent Development

Let’s face it: when your sales agents do better, your company does better...

Week 11

Employee/Staff Development

While agents may be entrepreneurs working under your brokerage or team, what about your staff?

Week 12


Prioritizing and Scheduling Your Projects

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Here’s exactly what you’ll get from BrokerUp:

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Q: What's with the Launch Schedule? Why can't I have it all at once?
Q: When Can I Access the Program?
Q: Can I Download the Program?
Q: Will I really get the value out of BrokerUp?
Q: How can I accomplish any business projections? Real Estate is dependant on the market!
Q: My brokerage is in a market where business is just done differently. Is BrokerUp still beneficial to me?
Q: I'm super busy as it is - how will I have time to implement this course?
Q: How much time does it take to go through the program?
Q: Will I be on a deadline/hard and fast schedule? Is the program delivered live?
Q: What if I do not want to add anymore agents to my brokerage or team? Will BrokerUp still be worth it for me?
Q: I am an individual agent - not a Broker/Owner/Manager nor Team Leader. Is BrokerUp for me?